Internship Application

2022 Sweet Heat Culinary Program Application

Texas Sweet Heat Jam Company LLC (DBA Sweet Heat Jam Company) supports the realization of personal potential in people with intellectual disabilities through God-centered training, entrepreneurship, innovation, partnerships, and community engagement.

Dear Interns/Parents/Guardians,

We are very pleased to offer an internship culinary program that coincides with our ongoing jam production.   The program is to provide hands-on training in skills, techniques and processes involved in food manufacturing. 

Each student will be equipped with hair nets, aprons and gloves.  If accepted into the program each student is asked to pay a one-time fee of $20.  This is to cover the cost of all disposable equipment that is used each day, apron and T-shirt.

The Students MUST have their hair pulled back and have a cap on.  Closed toe – rubber heeled shoes are required.  Jeans or cloth-type pants are also mandatory.  Please remove all jewelry before class.  These pose as safety hazards and cannot be worn.  No cell phones or electronic devices will be used while at the kitchen.

We have different work stations for students in which your job coach or peer mentor will be assisting you.  These will include:

Food Handlers Certification – We will modify this to be sure there is good understanding of the techniques.

Sanitizing of fruits and veggies – Washing fruits and vegetables that will be used that day.

Jar Prep – washing glass jars and lids and prepare for canning process

Veggie/Fruit Prep – Cutting fruits or vegetables.  Use of paring knife will be required.  

Food Processor Station – Putting fruits or veggies into a Food Processor and pulsing to a fine chop

Measuring Station – Use of measuring cups and spoons to measure ingredients into jam pots.

Cooking  Station – This is work on a commercial grade stove. 

Pouring Station – pouring hot liquids into sterilized jars

Water Canning Station – putting prepared jars into a canning basket which will be lowered into the Canner.

Clean up of work areas – all students will be responsible for cleaning up all areas of the kitchen. 

Inventory – Record of Jams made, supplies needed

Labeling – proper placement of labels, SKU’s and security bands

Packaging – Order fulfillment

Product Development – helping to create new jam flavor including how to create recipe.

Customer Presentation – Being in a public setting and participating in talking about products.

Before a person can begin the program, they must first fill out the application and be accepted into the program

Because we are a licensed manufacturing company, we have strict guidelines that must be adhered to.   Each student that is brought into the program will have to meet certain guidelines to continue in the program.  These guidelines include:

  • Following the guidelines for proper hand washing, and wearing the required caps and aprons.
  • To be able to stand for most of the tasks performed in the kitchen.
  • To take instruction from our job coaches.
  • That your skill level at any of the stations would not cause you or any other team member risk of harm.

Please complete this form in full and return.

If you have questions or concerns regarding the work, please call Christine Stilwell 281.797.2806 or email

This program is provided as an internship program and does not guarantee employment in the Sweet Heat Kitchen.


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